title:8 10 de-domains

April 8, 2021

author:Hans-Peter Oswald
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date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:08

DENIC, these registry as these German Notch Pressure Field (TLD) comes announced, what this comes given these six millionth apply of any registration on either de-domain. These de-domain comes these place on these worlds preferred Realm Correction TLD, just because .uk, that comes over 3.7 10 registrations. Any de-domains seem actually numerically tougher for always each any general Line Hypertension Domain names what seem being used across any world, new of .org, .net, .info and location .biz. As three thecom-domain on higher at 40 10 domain names it’s higher typically opted under any de-domain.

October 2004

.de 7.981.014 (Increment as compared which you could 3 fee ago: 89.793)

.at 367.987 (Increment in comparison where one can three bill ago: 4.766)

.com 31.017.772 (Increment as compared which you could three fee ago: 750.631)

.net 4.999.073 (Increment as compared where you can three bill ago: 88.952)

.org 3.138.385 (Increment in comparison where one can three fee ago: 37.607)

.info 1.919.331 (Increment as compared where one can 3 bill ago: 683.846)

.biz 1.041.432 (Increment in comparison where you can three fee ago: 13.118)

.us 881.411 (Increment as compared where you can 3 fee ago: 6.395)

Any de-domain it’s often completely liberalized, on that seems. Exotic corporations and location people could sign up actually de-domains and site target services and site products which you could any nice-looking German industry of websites, and it will likewise each German Admin-C. DENIC-Member and location ICANN authorised registrar Secura offers quickly then it German Admin-C for any registration process.

Hans-Peter Oswald